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It started when I was about 10 . . . I wanted to participate in the science fair and I needed a project. Having been around photography since I was a little tot, I came up with a photography related science fair project: comparison of infrared color film and regular color film and how certain filters change the results of the image. A little geeky and esoteric compared to the other projects, but definitely representative of my future career in photography.

I have always loved shooting film and creating images. I did not have formal training…instead, I spent numerous hours in the darkroom. I worked at professional photographic labs, where I processed and printed customer film as well as my own and generally did any and all work in the lab related to film and the final print.

After many years working in labs, I really wanted to do my art professionally and work with my own clients. I loved helping people at the labs I worked with, and the idea of crafting beautiful images for my clients really appealed to me.To gain experience in the wedding industry, I worked as an assistant and second photographer to several well respected wedding photographers in the Sacramento area. I got asked by some friends to photograph their weddings…once I did that I was hooked. When other wedding professionals started referring jobs to me, I knew I was on my way!

I love film!
I love film!

Weddings are special because each couple is different, and I get to share something very special with them and get to know them while I document their wedding day. For me, there is nothing like the feeling of capturing precious moments throughout the wedding day, and then providing the bride and groom with timeless images that they can cherish for years to come.

The wonderful thing about photography for me is that I still get to be that geeky esoteric kid. I create and capture artful images for myself and my clients. Every potential job is a marriage, whether it is photographing a wedding, a family or a commercial event. The client hires me because they have heard good things, received a referral, or know me from a previous engagement. But no matter how they find me, it all comes down to the images. They like what I create. I capture what they bring to the table. And the two together are a perfect partnership between client and photographer.

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