A new beginning for a retired horse at Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch in Goldendale, WA. Their mission statement at the ranch: To provide free equine experiences for youth in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment that is fun for both children and horses.

Posted on December 28, 2014

Remember Mac?

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There are some new developments at the ranch lately...Mac has some new friends. Three of them are horses that have come to live (and play!) at the ranch. The rest? The rest of Mac's friends are children in the community. These children come for quality time with the horses. Scheduled sessions are informal, but usually begin with cleaning maintenance (i.e. mucking the stalls and paddock areas) and general care for the horse. Once these care duties are done, then the child can lead or ride the horse. What develops is a relationship that is nourishing to both child and animal.

Horses need interaction with other animals and people. They flourish in an environment where they get daily brushings and care, time to graze and take long walks, and some horses love to be ridden as well. The children learn the responsibility of caring for the horse, the fun of learning to ride, and gain new confidence in themselves from the experience. This is a symbiotic relationship between child and horse, and we are lucky to have this opportunity in our community. Owners of the ranch, Robin and Steve Mock are providing this safe haven to the horses while also bringing something special to the community.

Want to help or be involved? Or, are you interested in taking part in the program? Contact Robin and Steve through the links below to find out more about how you can help provide services, support the ranch, or take part in the activities.

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