Are you planning a family portrait session? Try something different from the “norm.” Instead of the more traditional posed group photos, have a session that represents something unique to your family.

Posted on January 15, 2013

Family Portraits “Outside the Box”

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Family photos done by a professional photographer should be special. After all, you are investing in the services of someone that has experience and expertise in their field. If you go out to eat at a fine dining restaurant, you have expectations that your meal will be special...something you are not able to prepare yourself. Photography by a professional will also meet those same expectations. The images represent technical expertise as well as an artful eye. A professional portrait photographer is one that becomes a part of the family. He or she will get to know your family well, and will document your family over the years.

One thing I love to do with my clients, is get to know what they love as a family. Take for instance, the family in the pictures shown here. I discovered that making pasta is a regular occurrence in their household. It is something that is truly a part of their lives, as well as something they really enjoy doing together. So, that really needed to be a part of our next family photo session. 

I started with photos outside and around the property, but the best part of all was watching them make dinner. This part of the session allowed me the opportunity as an artist to capture some interesting elements of the pasta making process. Even more wonderful, was the fact that I was really documenting a part of everyday life for this family. The act of making dinner, a seemingly mundane activity in family life, is now a chance to create artful images for a family photo session. When you look at the photos, you get a snapshot in time for this family.

I see my role as a professional photographer one of documentarian. I am present to capture those fleeting moments on film. When I share the images with my clients, my goal is to give them a little piece of their own family history...a small package of precious memories they can savor for years to come.

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