Family Portrait Details


What is included in the session?

Every session includes:

What should I wear?

These pictures are all about your family...some families like to coordinate a matching look for everyone and others like everyone to do their own thing. Avoid logos or brand names so that your photos are timeless.

When do I pay for my session and reprints or products?

Session fees are due up front. Products ordered online will require payment with credit card at the time the order is placed. Orders placed through me are due upon receipt of the product and can be paid by cash, check or credit.

Can we include pets in our photos?

Absolutely! Are you a family that rides horses, or has a dog or family pet? We’re happy to incorporate the animals into the family session. These pictures are about your family.

How do I order reprints or products?

Reprints can be ordered online, or through me. Reprint prices are a la packages and no minimum orders. This means the best price up front and you design your own “package” based on what you need or want. Canvas prints, framed prints and storybooks are all custom items. These are ordered through me and the pricing includes consultation and/or design time.


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